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We were there more times. Foods are high quality, staff is polite and friendly. Our only problem was every time that they have a long table in the middle of the restaurant for big companies and as it is always full, the place is always noisy. It is not the best for a romantic dinner. It is hard to find free parking place, but it is evident in case of such a frequent place. It tells a lot, that all the other restaurants in this street are empty, only this one is full with guests


We booked our reservation for a Saturday night while on our honeymoon. We ate in L’Enoteca which is the wine bar attached to Trattoria Toscana, which was a more romantic atmosphere than the main restaurant. We ordered the mussels, goose liver and plum ravioli and the lobster linguine. Our waiter was incredible and provided Hungarian wine selections that went beautifully with both of our meals. We also ordered the seasonal dessert. Our appetizers, meals and desserts were all fantastic. We could not have asked for a better Saturday night on our honeymoon in Budapest.



Dear all!

Thank you very much for your help!

Evening was very nice and food was really AWESOME!!!

Never tasted before such a soft sea bass... Hungarian wine is really very good, never thought about it before!... 

Everything was perfect, food and service were fantastic!

And finally I've got the ring!)))

Now I am in love with Budapest and will remember Trattoria Toscana as the tastiest place I've ever visited!

Thanks a lot!

Good luck and a lot of nice moments in your lives!





Dear Manager,

All the food is awesome, but if you love pizza it’s the best pizza in Europe IMHO but also the sea bass and the seafood pasta are awesome. DON’T BUY Italian wine, try Hungarian red, there are some totally amazing red wines you would never think of because they are not famous or expensive. But trust me they are fantastic, tell the waiter your favorite style of French or Italian wines and they will find you something Hungarian that is similar style and better by far for the price.

Sea bass grilled or on a  bed of sea salt are my wife’s favorite with grilled vegetables, mine is the pizza, most of our clients love the PIZZA DIAVOLO, all salads and pastas are good. I suggest you shouldn’t end without a glass of good Tokaj wine. and for desert there are loads of good but me the wife and most clients always preferred the profiteroles!!

Anyway choose what you want, I ate there hundreds of times since 2002 and most of my clients too, nobody ever said anything other than AWESOME!

Karl Robb

President, EPAM Systems Europe”